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I learned so much here and I have become so comfortable in Japan that I really don't want to go home.

Hector from 2012

The lecture we had on Japanese Psychology was definitely my favorite because it helped me better understand how and why Japanese people think the way they do.

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Class trips were always good team building experiences.

Steven from 2012

In my class, with so many students whose native language I don’t understand, class trips were fun opportunities to chat with fellow students in Japanese and get to know them better.

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The bus trip was was most satisfying, primarily because of the social aspect.

Matthew from 2012

It was fun the interact with the upperclassmen and teachers outside of a school environment.

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I was surprised by how much I LOOKED FORWARD to class everyday.

Grant from 2012

Just sign up for it. The earlier the better. This was the best decision I made in my learning of Japanese.

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I thought everything was interesting and productive.

Sadao from 2012

I loved that in class, everyone was required to try and speak Japanese. It can be nerve racking speaking a new language in front of people you hardly know. So it enables you to find courage so that you may be able to speak it in any situation.

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The full immersion technique was effective.

Amanda from 2012

Just taking classes isn’t enough. You have to be proactive about using your Japanese.

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Living in Japan in itself is a great experience overall.

Stephanie from 2012

Students are from all over the world and we can only communicate in Japanese to understand each other.

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Most productive was learning and using new grammar.

Janet from 2012

The culture class helped me think about the differences in Japanese culture from American culture.

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You live, eat, and breathe a Japanese lifestyle. It's great!

Valerie from 2012

Every now and again, you have to switch to your mother tongue — it’s inevitable. However, if it wasn’t for studying in that kind of intensive setting that forces you to think in the language, I probably wouldn’t have advanced as far as I did in Japanese.

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Be willing to work hard.

Jessica from 2012

It is a program for students who seriously want to put a lot of effort into learning Japanese, but also remember to have fun while you are here as time flies by really fast.

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KCP offered the most in learning experience and was cheaper for me as a college student.

—Deaunna Byrd