How does transfer of credit work? How do I find out in advance if my home univ. accepts KCP coursework?

Of course, in order for you to earn credit, you need to pass the class! If you don’t attend a KCP sponsor or affiliate university, you can earn credit through one of our three sponsor universities (WWU, UI, Lincoln U). This makes it easier to transfer credit to your home university or college, and it provides an official record of your studies in Japan. Please note: Although many, many students have successfully transferred credit through our three sponsor universities, we strongly stress the importance of checking with the registrar or study abroad office of your home university before you sign up for the KCP program.

In the past, many schools do acknowledge credit earned from one of our sponsor schools. Some schools will accept the KCP grade report directly, but you will need to check with your home school about whether they will accept a KCP grade report. Many schools prefer to receive an official transcript from one of our sponsor schools, and you must determine this ahead of time. Schools don’t award retroactive credit.