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Andalicia and classmates

Andalucia’s Hakone Experience!

KCP’s Autumn 2022 – Spring 2023 student, Andalucia Curtis, shares her memorable moments in Japan through pictures. Thank you for sharing!

My favorite part about my KCP experience was the friends and connections I was able to make during it! During my stay, I took a few weekend trips with my friends from KCP, the first one being Hakone. Known for its onsens, views of Mount Fuji, and beautiful nature, Hakone definitely cannot be skipped.

Mount Fuji view

Our first stop was the Hakone Ropeway, up to Owakudani. While riding to the top, we were amazed to see Mount Fuji so clearly directly in front of us. At the top of Owakudani, too, provides incredible views.

If you turn around and face your back to Mount Fuji, you’re met with incredible views of the valley and the sulfur vents below.

Hakone eggHakone is known for its black eggs, which are said to have been cooked in natural spring water on the mountain. The sulfur in that water is what gives it its dark color.

After Owakudani, we headed to Lake Ashi. The Hakone Freepass gives you free access to the Hakone Sightseeing Cruise, a pirate ship that takes you across the lake.torii gate of Hakone Shrine

The view of the floating torii gate of Hakone Shrine from the sightseeing cruise. It’s known as the “Gate of Peace” (Heiwa no Torii).

Torii gate on lake

Another view of Heiwa no Torii! It’s incredibly popular photo spot, so unfortunately, we were not able to get a full picture without standing in a line, but it was incredible to see nonetheless.Sakura treeA sakura tree we spotted on our way to the onsen!! Since this trip was in early March, it was the first blooming sakura tree I saw on my trip.Andalucia and classmates

All of us together!! It was such a fun time and will always be a great memory 🙂 I absolutely recommend going on weekend trips during your time at KCP, too.

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Read all about Japanese immersion learning and studying abroad. Check out our eZasshi archives for more articles!