Japanese temple pathway.

Fall 2019 Alum Samuel Wismer Reminisces About His KCP Experience

Fall 2019 alum Samuel Wismer shares his KCP experiences in words and pictures:

I studied at KCP during the three-month autumn program of 2019. The semester
began in early October and ran through late December, ending just before
Christmas. During this time I was able to boost my language proficiency to a
surprising extent. If you are seeking motivation to improve your Japanese
ability, then KCP is certainly the place to be.

Arriving in Japan, I knew I would need to take full advantage of the three months
that were to follow. Despite the curriculum’s intensity, I still had plenty of time
to roam the streets of Tokyo, discovering new stores or restaurants, and seeing
all that the city had to offer. I think it’s incredibly important to explore Japan
each day, not only to sightsee, but to place yourself among the country’s culture
and people. I actually found myself speaking more Japanese than English after
just a few days– both in and out of the classroom!

Asakusa at two locations: the Sumida River (left) and Senso-ji’s pagoda (right)

Asakusa at two locations: the Sumida River (left) and Senso-ji’s pagoda (right)

From the cozy dorms in Ikebukuro to the bustling avenues of Asakusa, there’s so
much variety within only a few stations of the Shinjuku-based school. A trip to
Mt. Fuji is totally worth the bus ticket too, if you’re feeling adventurous.
Fortunately, most students will have the opportunity to see beyond the city
limits, as KCP organizes amazing excursions each month. During the fall
semester I was able to see several museums and culture-rich locations, including
the Yamanashi area surrounding Mt. Fuji.

Whether honing your Japanese skill or simply stepping outside your comfort
zone, KCP International makes it all so accessible. The confidence, knowledge,
and friendships I gained from my time abroad are things that I’ll hold close
throughout my language-learning journey.

Mt. Fuji viewed from the shore of Lake Kawaguchiko.Mt. Fuji viewed from the shore of Lake Kawaguchiko.

Sam has more wonderful photos up in Flickr. Go check them out!