The Importance of Cultural Immersion When Studying in Japan

Cultural immersion is surrounding yourself with the culture of a place. When travelling to a foreign country, there is great value in acclimating to a new environment, interacting with the locals and understanding their culture and way of life. This may mean having an open mind and an active interest when deciding on studying abroad.

KCP is well known for its Japanese language and cultural immersion in Tokyo. KCP offers Japanese cultural immersion through lectures and organized excursions to some of the most notable happenings in Tokyo.Typical excursions have included Kamakura, the Edo-Tokyo Museum, Nikko, Asakusa Temple, the Imperial Palace, NHK Broadcasting Company, a Sumo beya, and Kabuki and Bunraku theaters.

In the Japanese Culture and Civilization course, all KCP students can take part in optional activities and outings throughout the term. These may include a tea ceremony, anime and manga drawing, calligraphy, KCP student newspaper, kanji prep, chat classes (multiple levels), learning to play traditional instruments, cooking Japanese food together, and more.

Cultural immersion can open doors to a deeper personal understanding of new places and people. The immersive experience adds more depth to just learning the Japanese language.

The significance of cultural immersion when studying in Japan:

Learning about a particular culture is a way of preserving it.

For example, the Ainu are an indigenous people in Japan. It is a constant effort to preserve indigenous cultures all around the world in today/s modern technology and globalization. Immersive experiences for visitors wanting to learn more about the Ainu gives the locals an opportunity to celebrate and preserve their culture as well as allowing it to be passed on to future generations.  The more a culture is shared, the more it is understood and made significant in an individual’s life.

Be passionate in getting to know more about the culture, history, and way of life of the people.

When visiting a new place, it helps if you have a genuine interest in getting to know the locals. Interact with them about things that they are passionate about or are willing to share. This develops meaningful connections. Most locals are proud about their culture and if visitors are passionate to learn about it, it creates a meaningful connection.

Local cuisine and art speak a thousand words.

Tasting various local foods is not only a delight for your taste buds, it also gives you a deeper understanding of a country and its people. The many different local ingredients are connected with their culture and way of life.  Local art is another way to give depth when experiencing cultural immersion. Local artists can give an unorthodox view to how we understand people.

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